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Consulting & Advice

Our expertise and experience in providing legal advisory/ consultancy services in relation to various Labour and Industrial Laws applicable in India.
Industrial Dispute act

Our services are more specifically described as under:

To provide legal opinion(s)/ advisory on matters relating to different sectors of Labour/ Industrial Laws/ Employment laws and their applicability.

To advice on various legal and procedural requirements and approvals (if any) required under Labour and Industrial Laws.                                                                                                 

To assist and follow-up with the relevant Government authorities for seeking registrations/ approvals under various Labour Laws.

To draft and vet various agreements and deeds.                                                                                           

To draft and file Standing Orders and get the certification of Standing Orders by the relevant certifying Authority.

To appear and represent the Company before the Labour Authorities and to conduct meetings accordingly.

To provide legal assistance in relation to appointment, removal and termination etc.                    

To apply for registration under various labour laws like [State] Shops and Establishment Act.

To draft and file reply to legal notices received by the company.                                                         

To conduct Case Study Interactions & Litigation of Winning Tracks.                

To provide legal aid to deal with various Civil Laws, Criminal Laws or Taxation Laws.