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Audit & Compliances

Audits and assessments provide a vital management control for Process Safety Management (PSM), Security Management, and Risk Management (RM) Programs. They help ensure programs are properly designed and implemented. Audits identify program deficiencies so that recommendations can be developed for corrective action. Without regular audits, programs will not stay current and will deteriorate, causing companies to face regulatory and legal liabilities.

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To depute one or more auditors to conduct an on-site compliances.

To apply for registration under various labour laws like the [State] Shops and Establishment Acts/ Factories Act.

To advice and/ or assist in the maintenance of registers /forms/ records to be maintained by the company.

To conduct specialized social or physical labour law audits as to the management of the Company and the Contractors and to submit audit reports at regular intervals as per the understanding with the Company.

To provide Compliance management: assistance to clients in relation to compliances under various labour enactments.

To advise and assist as to the filing of various statutory forms/ returns to be deposited with the statutory bodies/ authorities under various Labour Enactments.

Phases of Audit

  • Pre-Audit: planning and organizing the audit; establishing the audit objectives, scope and protocol; and reviewing the design of the program by examining documentation;
  • On-site Audit: conducting personnel interviews, reviewing records, and making observations to assess program Implementation;
  • Post-Audit: preparing a report.